What A Yogi Can Learn From Bhagavad Gita

What A Yogi Can Learn From Bhagavad Gita

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Although Bhagavad Gita is one of the holy books of Hinduism, it contains a universal dimension that anyone (not just a yogi!) Looking for a path of spiritual development can find very valuable. Alexandra Muller Arboleda – a yogi and writer – shares with us 8 lessons that every yogi can learn from reading them. And still – it does not have to be related to religion.

yoga bhagavad gita

  1. It doesn’t matter who wins in the battle between heart and mind
    It is important, however, that both the heart and mind are not really opponents. In our lives, everyone walks a thin line between feelings and reason. We follow the intuitive prompting of the heart, life without regret and commitment and being honest both with our own selves and others – but we also listen to this rational voice coming from our head, impose self-discipline and live in accordance with our values, such as loyalty, honor, courage and duty.
  2. “Surrender to the effects of your own actions.”
    Find satisfaction from the journey you are in right now. Regardless of the results, even when everything around you falls apart and the earth cracks under your feet. “Expect nothing and fear nothing.” Expectations and fears limit our possibilities.
  3. Accept the duality of life:
    “Find ease with a sense of pleasure and pain as well as honor and humiliation. Do not reject a good run or complain about bad times. Free yourself from desires and anger. “
    Imagine your most humiliating moment in your life, and then bring up a picture of yourself in which you let the negative emotions go into oblivion with the wind with ease and silence. The feeling of sadness due to some losses drags you down. Accept your desires without giving them meanings. Throw the ballast of anger overboard as soon as possible, because it poisons your heart and makes forgiveness even more difficult.
  4. Accept the impartiality of life.
    When you see balance in suffering and joy, when you are connected to them, you cannot love or hate, because all this is one. In other words: “You will love your neighbor as yourself.” Stop saying bad words about people who once hurt you or continue to do so. Such action will allow you to get rid of negative thoughts and allow selfless forgiveness. You will see how goodness and empathy will enter your life.
  5. “The wise men are free from beliefs and their actions are directed towards the prosperity of the whole world.”
    Free yourself from attachment to material things. Love without having to own. Hope and let yourself be carried away without expecting results . Focus on how you can help the world rather than on your own problems.
  6. “Clearly, with an undisturbed mind, they remain in what is true.”
    Speak the words of truth with kindness. If the truth is to cause pain, make sure that these words really need to be said. Clarity can bring many difficult decisions to make. But you can’t pretend when you are living here and now .
  7. Live in harmony with your inner nature
    “It is better to do your duty badly than perfectly to others. Even the wise men act according to their inner nature. All creatures follow their own being. What good can taming do? “
    To determine our path (dharma), our being – we must look inside. We can know our life only when we find the essence, we agree with our own “I” and achieve what we love.
  8. “The wise man does not confuse the minds of the ignorant; acting quietly in the spirit of yoga inspires them to do the same. “
    Don’t shout and scold others. Be a silent example and inspire people to become like you . Learn to love loneliness and silence.

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